SoliPowered LLC is a distributor of innovative marine grade solar lighting and solar charged battery solutions that can provide power when you need it.

The mission is to offer future thinking technologies that are reliable and work in many different environments.

Our solar cleats give marinas or boat docks a brilliant glow.The solar docking system is an independent power source for boaters who want to keep their mini fridges and electronics running without using shore power. The solar trailer can be a pop-up bar in your backyard. Boaters and campers love the portable power stations because it can charge their cell phones and small eletronics while on the go.

All of our products can connect to a solar array to keep power up and running – no wires and no electricity bills.

SoliPowered is continuously committed to partnering with market leading companies to deliver innovative solar solutions that can provide a positive impact on your life and business.

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Solar Power Stations

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SoliPowered provides everything solar:
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